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A beach vacation is better when you're cruisin in one of our golf carts! Call now to get a cart today!!

Blue Sky Carts

Street Legal Electric Cart Rental

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6 Passenger 72V LIMO

Step into comfort with our street legal, 6 Passenger 72V LIMO! With its high-performance charger, electronic driver/auxiliary brake system, rear axle differential function, and maintenance-free gel filled batteries, you'll experience an effortless ride every single time. Plus, you'll love the convenience of our delivery services right to your door. Get ready to cruise in style with this 6 Passenger 72V LIMO!

4 Passenger Electric LSV 60v Street Legal

Experience the 4 Passenger Electric LSV 60v Street Legal - a powerful electric golf cart that packs a punch. With features like a 5KW charging system, temperature compensation functions, and an LCD instrument to monitor your driving, you can make sure you're always in control. Plus, with its cast alloy wheels and hand-actuated mechanical parking brake, you know you'll stay safe on the roads.


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Book Now! Our easy service, booking, check out, payment process make it simple for you to get the most out of your time at the beach. With our convenient and intuitive interface, you can book in minutes and save money on our environmentally friendly electric carts. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with Blue Sky Carts.